GUNS GUNS GUNS AND More GUNS Because Guns Like Magnum 44 Is More Better Than If You Upgrade It Its  More Better Like This Advertisements

Season 1 Heroes Caracters

Season1 Caracters 1 Charlie Andrews 2 Claire Bennet 3 Noah Bennet 4 Rene 5 Dainial Linderman 6 Isaac Mandez 7 Hiro Nakamura 8 Kaito Nakamura 9 Matt Parkman 10 Nathan Petreli 11 Peter Petreli 12 Claude Rains 13 Micah Sanders 14 Niki Sanders 15 Mohinder Suresh 16 Syler 17 Erik Thompsan 18 Molly Walker

The Herobrine

Its About Skeleton King In A Side And Herobrine in a side And The Two Armys Clashses So The Skeleton King Was Suprias Becaus Herobrine Respond Nether To Earth Down The Grown To Up The world So He Manish To Tell All The Kings To Fight Accept King Ender So Skeleton King Win The End

Creepers Ability

Creepers Are An Exampel Of to Be A Lots Of things But Only Creepers Can Such As Like This is This Creeper Contains Many Love This Is The Strongest Creeper That @Mojang Make This Are Call glowing Creeper He Can Get Past Walls like outside To The inside And The aut Side Such As Every … More Creepers Ability

My Star Wars Lego

This Is My Last Lego I Can Build but Now Look What We Have Here I Build It Rightley By The Way The Down Guns Were So Of The HOOK I Can Twist it To Go Left And Right And BBBBBBLLLLLLOOOOOWWWW It Shot The Double Twist The Bullet Sooooo Coooooooool